Our dental practice is uniquely different from any dental practice you have previously experienced. ¬†Not simply because of the pleasant surroundings, nor because of the highly skilled professional staff, nor because of the high quality technical work we do … our practice is different because our mission is different.

In today’s world you are offered many choices as to how dental health care will be delivered to you , the patient . You can choose an HMO(health matience ¬†Organization ) or a PPO( proffered provider Organization). In these health delivery systems, your child-the patient -experiences a restricted choice with regard to the treatment plan. You are tightly limited in choosing the dentist who attends to your child, and there is usually an insufficient amount of time to develop a significant relationship with the dentist.

Our practice represents a small percentage of dentists in the United States, who have made a commitment to practice in a free environment.

You and I are free to choose each other or not! We are free to choose the best treatment plan that is consistent with your needs , wants and values

We have centered our practice around prevention and health as opposed to one that simply emphasizes emergency and repair care. Prevention is often misunderstood and inadequately stressed.

Capture Payment Options

Cash this includes money orders and personal checks. Master card/Visa/American Express/ Discover: We accept these credit cards as payment for dentistry as your limit allows.

Care credit/ Citi Healthcard / CapitOne: A seperate line of credit that will help you pay for your treatment over an extended period of time *Some offer up to a year interest free payments.

Please be aware that the parent bringing the child to our office is legally responsible for payment of all charges . We cannot send statements to other persons.


Request an appointment

After you have request an appointment a staff member will contact you within one business day.