Patient Procedures

Avoiding Braces

Guiding new teeth into their position in your child’s mouth may reduce or prevent the need for braces.

We have grown use to instant gratification and our mouth and teeth don’t quite respond in that fashion . Nonetheless, there are fairly simple steps that I take to ensure that we allow each new tooth to position itself as straight as possible in its proper site in the mouth.

At each six continuing care visit, I evaluate the eruption patterns of your children’s new teeth. Radio-graphs are needed to estimate the availablity of space and the approximate future location of these new teeth, and then design a strategy to encourage a natural alignment.

I may suggest the thinning of adjacent baby teeth or the sequential removal to get the best positioning of the newly arriving permanent teeth.

Your child may need either fixed or removable appliances to re-shape his mouth, especially if it has been affected by habits like thumb and finger sucking prolong pacifier usage, tongue thrusting and others.

Our goal is to enhance the smile of your children by decreasing the severity of the misalignment, and hopefully eliminating , minimizing or delaying the need for braces. Thus enhancing their self-esteem , looks, function and hygiene.