Patient Procedures


This condition, in which gastric juices (Pepsin) are spit out into the oral cavity (mouth) repeatedly , is manifested by the erosion of the enamel of the baby molars, which can lead to tooth sensitivity and cavities.

If I notice moon crater looking spots on the chewing surfaces of the baby molars. I may suspect your child is or has been experiencing GERD.

Clinical signs and symptoms reported by children with GERD include: frequent “hot burps”, baby vomit coming back after eating, burning sensation in the area of the heart, irritability after eating garlic ice-cream taste in the mouth, neck stretching after eating , acidic odor from the child’s breath, and continuous coughing at night.

I may recommended that your child avoids fried foods and acidic juice like OJ with pulp; Overeating (super sizing) and lying down soon after eating a meal. I may also suggest a visit to the pediatrician for a consultation