Who Benefits from Orthodontic Treatment?

It used to be that only teen- agers were treated for braces. With new information and technology available , it is now recommended that certain dental problems be treated as early as 4 years old.

If your child has severe crowding  a large gap between his upper and lower front teeth, bucked teeth, a large overbite, a posterior or anterior cross bite or a bite that is esthetically unpleasing , early intervention with appliances or braces is most beneficial. This early treatment reduces the severity of the problem, and many times decreases the length of treatment in the future.

Are Orthodontic Applicances or braces painfull?

Space age dental materials are now allowing the use of lighter forces to correct crooked teeth and bites. Treatment time between visits can also be spaced longer. Most children I treat perceive less pain and discomfort than their parents ever did in the past. Most of appliances and the braces I use are cemented(bonded) to their teeth. This reduces the risk of losing them, and enhances the success rate , as patient compliance becomes more manageable.

Advantage of Orthodontic Treatment

By having the bite corrected, your child will improve the function and esthetics of his teeth and face. I have observed that this also enhances their self esteem noticeably. If orthodontic treatment is done early, another benefit is a reduction in the need for future treatment, or the reduction of time a child will be orthodontic care.


Together you and I will determine if your child’s mouth can benefit from orthodontic treatment( be it appliances and / or brces). I with the aid of  one of my dental treatment coordinators will obtain a complete set of diagnostic records. These records. (which include x-rays, photos, and a set of impressions/molds of the teeth with a wax bite registration ) allow me to fully diagnose and understand the factors influencing the bite problem , and thus design the best course of action to intercept and correct the existing situation.

This initial visit is followed by a sit down presentation (consultation), where I discuss with you the findings and treatment options in detail, and what results can be expected. Finally , we decide on a course of action that is best for your child and you. With your active participation, you assure the successful accomplishment of the treatment for your child.

How long will they wear braces?

The length of time varies with the severity of the case and how well your child complies and responds with the treatment. It may take anywhere from 6 to 18 months for the initial phase of treatment. If a second phase is needed, it usually averages about 14 months. When the bite is corrected in one phase as a comprehensive case ( normally done when your child is a teenager), it normally takes from 24 to 30 months.