There is no need for any child today to have dental decay or gum disease , It can be prevented.


How can decay be prevented?

If we can eliminate any one or all three of the conditions needed for decay, there won’t be a cavity.


Tooth:  The tooth is made less susceptible to decay by the use of fluorides. Fluoride is a mineral, like calcium or sodium, that , when used on a tooth , makes the enamel more resistant to decay . The best way of doing this is by fluoridating the drinking water. It is enhanced by the professional application of fluoride in the dental office every six months. In areas where the drinking water is not fluoridated, a daily supplement is advocated.

Bacteria:  By cleaning the teeth thoroughly everyday , you can remove the decay causing bacteria. The bacteria grow on the teeth and form a white creamy material called plaque. Your child may be brushing , but he still may not be removing the plaque from his teeth. He needs  to be taught the best way to do this.


Do you know that we can find out what the level of your child’s cavity producing bacteria(germs) is in his mouth?


Food:  The bacteria use the food on the teeth, especially sugars, to make an acid which eventually causes the “hole” or cavity in the tooth.

Do you know that candy, sodas and juices are sources of many hidden sugars?

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich has as much as 15 teaspoons of sugar. One slice of apple pie has 7 teaspoons of sugar. Every man , woman and child in the US eats 100 pounds of sugar a year.


By limiting these foods, and only having sweet foods with a meal, you can prevent your child’s dental decay.