Patient Procedures

Sealants seal out decay

Your child is able to eat and drink immediately after this procedure . They are also offered a complimentary mint to make their mouths feel fresh and cool.

Sealants are indicated when the grooves are deep and impossible to clean , because you are unable to reach these areas with the bristles of your toothbrush.

The germs in plaque and bits of food hide in the grooves and eventually decayed the tooth. By sealing the chewing surface of the teeth, you can avoid many expensive trips to the dentist for your children.

Do Sealants need to be reapplied?

Sealants play an important role in the prevention of tooth decay. When properly applied and maintained , they can successfully protect the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. That is why I stress a total prevention program with regular visits every 6 months. I also recommend that they avoid hard sticky candy and chewing ice, to prevent breaking and chipping of the sealant. At your child’s continual care visit exam , sealants will be checked and reapplied . Dental caries (tooth decay) is the most widely spread dental disease among children. I am pleased that I can offer you and your child a simple, inexpensive and painless procedure, that helps prevent or reduce the incidence of cativies.