Patient Procedures

White Fillings/ Micro-Dentistry

We only use tooth colored  filling materials to restore and replace missing parts of teeth. Since their inception in the seventies, white fillings have improved to where they can now replace silver fillings in almost all instances. They are ideal for the type of dentistry I enjoy doing most micro-dentistry.

With all the advances in early detection available to my patients today, I now perform all dental reparative procedures under magnification.

These days , I am discovering cavities and defects on teeth much earlier. Thus the amount of damaged tooth enamel lost to cavities is less, and that means the teeth remain stronger. Modern white filing materials are a big reason for that success.


A weakened tooth can very easily crack under the pressure of a child’s bite. This can further injure the tooth and nerve, as well as any permanent tooth forming under the primary baby tooth.

Tooth colored fillings work really well when they are use to replace small cavities. When a tooth is decayed on multiple surfaces a crown is a much better alternative especially if the child is under 8 years old.

On these situations. I prefer to repair posterior molar teeth with a stainless steel crown that will strengthen the tooth and provide durability.

Anterior crowns are very appealing these days, all completely white in color or with a white esthetic facing for a very natural look.

Crowns are meant to stay in the mouth until the replacement permanent tooth comes into the mouth naturally.