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We are a leading Pediatric Dental Practice in the Treasure Coast. Your child’s oral health is our #1 priority from birth through their teenage years. Good oral health begins with prevention. We encourage you to participate and be present during your child’s visit. It is critical to us that a child has a successful and  pleasant first experience.
We provide continuum of treatment through the developing years to guide your child to a healthy mouth and a winning smile. Using the latest technology allows us to practice prevention, and prevents invasive dentistry, which reduces  pain, fear, and stress.

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Pediatric Dentistry of the Treasure Coast

Dr. Francisco Arias DDS, MS, PA

Dr. Arias has lectured to a broad spectrum of people ranging from school children to underprivileged parents, nurses, pediatricians and dentists. He created the Healthy Smiles Club, which has successfully motivated children and their parents to improve their oral hygiene skills. A father himself, Dr Arias devotes his free time to his wife and five children.

Dr. Arias graduated from the University of Panama dental school in 1980, and obtained his Master of Science degree in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1983. He moved to Panama in 1983 where he practiced pediatric dentistry privately , and was associated with the San Fernando Hospital until late 1988. While in Panama, Dr. Arias served as president of the Panamanian Society of Pediatric Dentistry and wrote a weekly dental column for a major daily newspaper.

His interest in promoting dental prevention and increasing the dental knowledge of both, children and their parents, led Dr. Arias to create an educational segment shown throughout Panama in a weekly children’s television program. Dr. Arias stays updated by attending continuing education courses yearly . His areas of expertise include: disease prevention , minimally invasive dentistry , oral sedation, cosmetics and braces for children(orthodontics).

Dr. Arias himself interacted with a “tooth puppet” he designed, using visual aids and scripts of his own creation in front of live audiences.


  • American Academy of Pediatrics Dentistry
  • Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  •  American Dental Association
  • Florida Dental Association
  • Gnathos South
  •  Sponsors  of the Children’s Museum of Stuart32182_144s


philso_r2_c3For parents to choose a dental office that is appropriate for their child’s need, there must exist a match between the services sought by the parent and the services provides by the office. If the value you possess for your child’s teeth and health coincides with our beliefs in fine dentistry and prevention, a mutually rewarding relationship should evolve. Briefly stated, our philosophy of practice is this: A dental office is a small health-oriented team of professionals dedicated to serving patients.  Each office maintains certain standards of skill. and concern and we want an aura about us that unquestionably makes a statement of our quality of care. To make this evident , we are committed to a particular kind of practice.

In a philosophical sense, one is basically devoted to either quantity (do a little for a lot of people) or to quality (optimal care on a long -term basis for committee patients). We want to attract and keep people who share our values and beliefs in excellence , or can grow to this level of appreciation through education and motivation. We seek a patient population dominated by parents with high expectations of good health and happiness for their children.

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