Hygiene Program and Prep Visit

It’s our belief that your child’s hygiene program is the key to their success in keeping a healthy mouth. Without it, it would be like building a house without a good foundation. We believe that this is your family’s best insurance plan. In the long run, you will save precious time by only visiting us twice a year, and avoiding undo expenses(fillings, crowns, root canals) because preventive dentistry works. This appoinment includes hands-on demonstrations. For your benefit, we encourage full parental participation.

Complimentary Package

Your child will leave his hygiene appointment with all the tools, skills and knowledge to perfect his home hygiene program with his parent’s guidance. Your child will be given a Healthy Smiles package. That package includes a toothbrush, a floss sample, disclosing liquid, a timer, a fluoride rinse a ten-day activity sheet that will motivate your child to became a club member and acquire a member T-shirt: as well as a full feature DVD loaded with instructional activities for child and parent.

Request an appointment

After you have request an appointment a staff member will contact you within one business day.